Our Value Proposition

Making Sense of the Information Explosion
We work in an information economy where the volume of information doubles every 2.5 years. In today's economy the way information is managed is a key factor in your success.

Transforming Information into Knowledge
How do you make sense of all of this information. Documents transform raw information into usable knowledge. If you think about it the key information in your organization is contained in documents.

Documents Exist in Multiple Formats
Some of this knowledge is in paper format found in desk drawers, filing cabinets and off-site storage. Other documents like word-processing files and spreadsheets exist in digital format stored on local hard drives or network servers. And the newest generation of documents lives on web pages and email servers.

Documents Drive Business Processes
Regardless of the format, documents are the key vehicles by which information flows through your organization’s key business processes. We have found that when we can streamline the flow of this information we can have a tremendous impact helping:
  • Increase Profits
  • Improve Competitive Advantage
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Reduce Legal Liability
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Documents are a Significant Expense
We know that documents are important because of the incredible amount of money organizations spend on documents. According to a recent InfoTrends survey of corporations, an average of 6% of annual revenue is spent managing documents and document related processes.

Surprisingly, only 10% of the cost of documents is related to the hard costs of document printing, copying and faxing. Another 28% is related to the time and effort to produce documents in paper-intensive business processes. The other 48% is related to the management of documents (storage, retrieval, compliance, re-creation of lost documents.)

We Help You Leverage Value from Your Documents
Micromation Sciences helps companies leverage value from their information to improve workflow and lower costs. Learn more about our Information Management solutions.

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