Microfilm and Microfiche Services

The Benefits of Using Microfilm

Our Experience Counts

With over 50 years of expertise working in the document conversion industry, we have encountered all of the common issues related to microfilm and digital conversions. Since 1968 our technicians have been dedicated to providing the high quality digital microfilm services, we’re committed to ensuring all of our clients are completely satisfied from start to finish.

When microfilm is stored to our standards, we know that the content can be accessed by anyone with a magnifying glass and a light source.

Today, we often receive requests from customers that wish to have their microfilm and microfiche converted into digital images. There are also times that our customers are not even sure what type of microfilm they have. On occasion users of microfilm will ask us why anybody would ever want to store their information onto microfilm in the first place. We answer that question by mentioning a few of the benefits of microfilm as a means of preserving records, such as:

  • Microfilm has a great shelf life (hundreds of years) as well as a small storage footprint.
  • Microfilm can be accessed easily without the use of modern technology.
  • Microfilm has a significantly lower storage cost than paper documents or a digital archive.
  • Microfilm can greatly reduce storage space requirements when compared to paper documents.
  • Microfilm is virtually cost free once documents have been filmed.
  • We'd love to assist you with your project. If you have a microfilm or document scanning project in mind that you'd like to discuss please give us a call today at (800) 866-9212!

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