Document Management Systems

Electronic Document Management is more than a way to create, store, and retrieve your electronic documents. With the right solution, you can reduce costs, increase productivity, help meet your business objectives, and improve business communications workflow.

Micromation Sciences is committed to helping you find the right document management software for your organization.

With so many offerings on the market, many of our clients come to us confused and frustrated. We’re here to help you sort it all out!

Here are the three main types of Document Management Systems on the market today:

Client/Server Based Document Management Systems

DocuWare A client/server based document management system consists of scanned documents that have been stored on a server on your network. Authorized users can access documents using software loaded on their PC, Mobile Phone or Tablet.

Pros: Flexible, modular based, and customizable. Only buy what you need.
Cons: More expensive up front costs, IT administration required to install and maintain.

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Web-Based Document Management Systems – Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software Service Accessing files securely over the web has quickly become the most popular option for document management. Authorized users can log in from any computer with an Internet connection (including web enabled mobile phones and tablets) and use a web browser to view documents. This type of system greatly reduces IT demands. Your service provider is responsible for all system issues: backups, maintenance, and system upgrades.

Pros: Little up front cost, access from anywhere, secure, and support included.
Cons: Bandwidth and less system control

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CD / DVD Based Document Management Systems

Scanning documents to CD/DVD/External hard drive is the simplest method of archiving documents. Both the image Scanning Papers onto CD and DVDfiles, database and the viewing application are included on the disk for document retrieval functionality.

Pros: Portable, simple and inexpensive
Cons: Minimal functionality

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