MSCXpress is a web based document management system architected to store and access documents of any type and provide custom designed Business Process Flow. MSCXpress provides a standard web interface that encapsulates the extensive features and functionality available to the user community. MSCXpress functionality utilizes many of the established conventions used in WebXpressecommerce Web sites while adhering to all existing standards required by demanding corporate clients.

MSCXpress stands apart from other competitive offerings due to its "zero" IT and client work station resource impact. No other product or service offering matches the capabilities ease of use and resource free implementation provided by MSCXpress. There is little question why sophisticated Fortune 500 companies have entrusted MSCXpress as the guardian of their most critical information assets and companion Business Process Flows.

MSCXpress is capable of processing a myriad of different input data types such as Microsoft Office objects, Scanned Images (any format), Text, 3211, or complex data streams (AFP, XEROX, PostScript, etc..). Output is primarily delivered back to the web browser in a PDF format but can be sent back in native form if desired - (Text, Tiff, Word, Excel, etc).

Common Functionality includes:
  • Utilizes a Web Browser interface for querying data and viewing documents
  • Links any document to related documents in the same or other applications
  • Provides ability to add reference notes at the document level
  • Enables aggregation of associated documents into a single PDF output file
  • Provides control to limit secure access by application specific user permissions
  • Provides secure access within applications at numerous predefined levels
  • Allows for remote administration of users and access levels
  • Provides Index data export feature - based on query search criteria

Business Process Flow:
Unlike any other competitive offering, MSCXpress is "brewed fresh" for each customer. Other competitors charge substantial and usurious Professional Services Fees to reconstruct existing and complex code content already paid for many times over by previous customers. MSCXpress, on the other hand utilizes an extensive inventory of Business Process Flow components that are assembled and tailored to exactly match client application specifications. This design approach eliminates the burden of excessive, up front, capital intensive Professional Service Fees with fixed, predictable, subscription fees.

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