Microfilm Scanning Services

Microfilm Conversion Services

Micromation Sciences has been in the microfilm business for over fifty years! We started out archiving information to microfilm in 1968, and now many of our clients are asking us to convert their information from microfilm to digital images.

For clients with microfilm and microfiche archives, we offer a wide variety of secure microfilm conversion solutions. We scan microfilm into digital images from microfiche, 16mm or 35mm rolls or cartridges. Whether you have one roll or thousands of rolls, we can cost-effectively digitize all of your microfilm into high quality images.

Converting Microfilm Provides Some Key Benefits

Microfilm has many advantages for preserving permanent records, but when you need to access the information quickly microfilm may not be the most cost-effective way. Converting your microfilm to digital images will increase retreival efficiencies by allowing users to find documents quickly using metadata searches. Converted microfilm will ensure document security when coupled with password protected access as well as encryption technologies. When converting from microfilm to digital images clients typically realize a cost benefit by eliminating microfilm storage cabinets and expensive maintenance on microfilm equipment.

Undecided Whether You Should Convert Your Microfilm

  • Are the records on your microfilm accessed frequently?
  • Is the cost of maintaining your microfilm equipment getting expensive?
  • Is access to your microfilm records required by several users?
  • Do the records on microfilm have a long retention period?
  • Are you looking for a disaster recovery solution for your microfilm records?
  • Are you tired of getting poor copies from your microfilm reader/printer?
  • If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions give us a call today at (800) 866-9212 to learn more about how our microfilm scanning services can help your organization. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming project!

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