Documents are the vehicles by which information flows through business processes. Our solutions help businesses leverage value from their documents while reducing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. There are two ways that we can help.

Document Management
Streamline the flow of information through business processes to reduce costs, enhance competitive advantage, improve customer service and ensure regulatory compliance.

Solutions - Document Management
Paper and digital documents drive business workflows. How smoothly information flows through your processes is a key determining factor for profitability, competitive advantage, customer service and compliance.
We design a custom document management solutions that:
  • Improve Customer Service by enabling instant access to documents to answer inquiries
  • Enhance Compliance with Government Regulations by providing secure access and audit trails
  • Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy by backing up scanned paper information off site

How it Works
Business documents can be archived for business compliance and fast retrieval. This can happen in several convenient ways:
  • Scanning: Paper documents can be quickly scanned using high-speed scanners or multifunction systems. This means supporting documents like signed delivery tickets, remittance stubs and checks can be stored in the same system for easy retrieval digital archive.
  • Printing: At the same time documents like invoices are printed they can be imported into an electronic document management system. This creates a permanent image of documents like invoices allowing customer service representatives to reproduce an invoice for a customer and print, email or fax it.
  • Faxing: Inbound faxes can be routed to users' email addresses and to the document management system to keep a permanent record.

Once the documents are in the document management system they can be retrieved with multiple index fields such as invoice number or customer name.

We integrate common technologies to achieve these goals:
  • Scanners and Multifunction Systems
  • Transaction Printing Software
  • Document Capture Software
  • Document Management Software
Workflow Optimization Analysis
Our Workflow Optimization Analysis begins with an overview of your core business process. In a brief initial meeting we examine the possibilities of improving the process. If it makes sense to proceed, we present an action plan to conduct a deeper analysis with the goal of presenting several possible solution alternatives.

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