What Our Small Business Can Do For Yours

Scanning Services for Small Businesses Program
Micromation Sciences provides a simple and efficient scanning and document management service specifically designed for small businesses. Allow us to take care of your scanning needs so you can ensure you are protecting yourself and your customers and focus on your business.

Benefits of Our Small Business Program
Let us at Micromation Sciences focus on what we have been doing successfully for over 50 years, managing documents, so you can focus on the challenges of running your small business.

Take care of all your business's needs in one place. After we scan your documents, our certified shredding service can safely and securely dispose of your documents. We can easily destroy all types of confidential data. After each of our visits, we will send you a certificate of destruction for your records. We will work with you to determine how we can help your business the most! By combining these services you will save time, money and the headaches of dealing with multiple companies!

Our service is easy to set up and will keep you and your employees focused on tasks that are relevant to your business. Document management is our business, so let us handle that while you focus on yours.

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