ROI+ Release Of Information

We enable better health by improving the way your medical information is managed!

Micromation Sciences has partnered with ABT Medical, Inc. to provide a unique Healthcare solution for the Release of Information (ROI) and disability forms processing. Our unique solution ROI+ utilizes a secure, automated workflow software to manage the high level of complexity and risk inherent in Release of Information. The solution allows us to provide secure electronic exchange, delivery and integration of Protected Health Information (PHI). Micromation Sciences adheres to the latest compliance standards while providing superior quality control processes to protect you from risk. With unparalleled customer service, we handle your Health Information Management needs on time, so you can focus on patient care.

ROI+ Delivers Real-time Metrics and Powerful Management Tools:

Managing the Release of Information can be an intimidating and very time consuming process. With so many steps involved with the fulfillment of each ROI request, one of the more significant challenges is the tracking of each request throughout the fulfillment process.

Release of Information Text Alert

Our unique system provides complete beginning-to-end tracking, including real-time text notifications, dashboard metrics, detailed reporting, and automatic invoicing on all activity.


We can work with you and your staff in a number of ways:

On-Premise ROI+ Service

  • Service at your facility is performed by your staff, using our ROI+ software solution.
  • You'll have complete access to monitor your requests through the process and receive status and Accounting of Disclosure reports.
  • Invoices are automatically calculated and sent to the Requester.
  • Our solution uses secure automated text alerts and electronic delivery notification to reduce inbound/outbound communications with patients.

Mobile ROI+ service

  • Service at your facility is performed by one of our Specialists, using our equipment and supplies based on a frequency that matches your needs.

  • Quick and efficient... we’re in and out with minimal footprint and time at your facility.

  • Your medical records never leave your facility as we digitally capture the necessary medical record information, securely encrypt and upload the records to our production servers.

  • You'll have complete access to our online tracking system to enable you to monitor your requests through the process and receive status and Accounting of Disclosure reports.

On-Site ROI+ Service

  • For higher volume practices we’ll set up in your office, securely behind your firewall, and provide the necessary on-site staff to manage the entire process.

  • We seamlessly integrate our services and processes with your EMR/EHR an operational standards.

  • Specific operating workflows are developed and established to meet your unique needs.

Remote ROI+ Service

  • For clients with an EMR/EHR, we offer full service web-based Release of Information solution from our secure service center using our Specialists.

  • With secure remote access to your EMR/EHR, Micromation Sciences provides a Release of Information model that delivers a 100% quality review of 100% of requests and associated abstracted medical records while providing the fastest turnaround and highest level of customer service in the industry.


ROI+ provides:

  • All requests are imported or scanned into the system for complete visibility.

  • ROI+ works with your customer Master Patient Index and Requester information to reduce data entry and ensure accuracy.

  • Automatic invoicing, customized reporting capabilities, and real-time dashboard metrics.

  • Pending status for managing day-to-day workload.

  • Real-time text alerts notifying the patient that a request is “In Process”.

Teaming with Micromation Sciences for Release of Information you’ll always get:

  • Web-based online audit tracking and Real-time text notifications

  • 100% of requests and records are reviewed prior to release.

  • Our Outstanding Customer Service at 800-866-9212.

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